Aluminum Dross Recovery & Recycling Furnace

GDR-B Series (5 furnaces in 1)

The GDR-B Series rotary tilting aluminum dross recovery furnace, which is also known as a dross recycling furnace, is truly versatile and it is actually five furnaces in one. It can be used not only to recover good aluminum from dross, but also to melt new aluminum ingots and returns, recycle and melt mixed scrap, contaminated scrap chips, aluminum used beverage cans (UBC), and aluminum foil. This furnace can do it all. Dross typically accounts for 5% of the overall melting process so recovering that aluminum can mean substantial savings. This furnace can also be built to handle other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, and bronze. The GDR-B Series is energy efficient and features a hydraulic tilting system that reduces operator fatigue from manual ladling and also features a portable remote controller for operator safety and pouring accuracy. The GDR-B Series is controlled by a PLC and a color HMI touch screen which optimizes performance, operation, and efficiency. This furnace is easy to use and simple to maintain. A scrap chute and a vibratory charger are available as an option.

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High Thermal Efficiency


We Add Multiple Layers of Insulation.

The result is excellent efficiency which means a furnace which not only burns less gas, but is actually not dangerous to touch.



We Add Way More Insulation to Our Furnaces Than Most Manufacturers.

The result is even greater efficiency and a solid, sturdy construction which is hard to beat.

Easy to Operate


Greater Control - Means Greater Efficiency.

The GDR-B Series dross recycling furnaces feature state-of-the-art PLC control with large color HMI screens with easy to read graphics - all at no extra charge. See in real time all furnace functions and change any setting on the fly. Now that's control.

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Reliable and Powerful.

Our hydraulic tilting system is can easily handle the weight of a full furnace safely and tilts smoothy without jerking or sudden speed changes which could destabilize the pouring.



Added Safety and Convenience.

With our remote operator pendant which has 8 feet of cable, the operator can stand as close or as far as needed to ensure maximum safety.



Better Efficiency and Lower Operating Cost.

Lots of air without control wastes a significant amount of energy. We use VFD Drives combined with Premium Inverter Duty Motors to give you greater RPM only when it is needed. All this translates into greater efficiency, lower operating costs, quieter operation, soft start and longer motor life. The advantage is clear. This is just one of the many ways we use to increase furnace efficiency, and reduce long term operating costs.



We Give You Options of PLC & HMI.

Select the control system that is best for you and easiest for your maintenance team.

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We Use Brand Name Components You Know and Already Use.

We use only the finest quality components that are open source and readily available locally in your area, or from our online parts store.

Virbratory Charger for Aluminum Dross Recovery Furnace



Speeds Up and Simplifies Furnace Charging.

Our optional vibratory charger streamlines the whole process of furnace charging. It can handle dross plus virtually any other material in any shape (shown in two sections for shipping purposes).

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Replacement Parts Available 24/4.

Get virtually any part you need quickly and easily from our online store. Most parts ship same day.

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We Give You More Furnace for Your Money.

To be competitive today’s economy requires that manufacturers run their operations more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. We offer the highest ROI (return on investment) in the industry. Dynamo gives you high-quality products for a reasonable investment and with more features than any other company. Simply put, we give you the most value for your money!

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We Can Remotely Troubleshoot Your Furnace from Our Facility.

Our GDR-B Series dross recycling furnace includes a Remote Connectivity Unit which allows our furnace technicians to remotely check the performance of the furnace, make any needed changes to the program or HMI, or to troubleshoot it directly from our service center. The customer is only required to connect the unit to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. We handle the rest.



Remotely Monitor Your Furnace Performance From Any Device.

As an option, all our furnaces are available with Industry 4.0 remote performance monitoring units which feature a custom dashboard. You can not only monitor furnace performance, but you can be notified before an issue occurs. Included are condition based maintenance reminders and shift performance statistics. Minimize impact of emergencies and maximize furnace uptime, and productivity. See what is going on with the furnace and your production from any device, anywhere in the world.



Flexible Range of Applications.

Available from 835 lbs melting per hour to 2,645 lbs per hour, the GDR-B Series dross recycling furnaces can handle almost any aluminum recovery application.

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Standard US / Imperial (Al) Metric (Al)
Model Holding Melting/h Holding Melting/h
GDR-B-2200 2200 lb 835 lb 1000 kg 380 kg
GDR-B-4400 4400 lb 1670 lb 2000 kg 760 kg
GDR-B-6600 6600 lb 2645 lb 3000 kg 1200 kg
GDR-B-13000 13000 lb 5300 lb 6000 kg 2400 kg

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