We are interested in a healthy economy. Our vision is to offer outstanding value for the money to save manufacturers on capital costs.


Why pay more if you do not have to?

Giving you options

Select a standard model or a custom design


We work with you so your successful


Dynamo Furnaces is a part of Axiom Machinery Inc. which is an international consortium, with four different divisions which specialize in different product categories. Products from the four divisions include 4 post hydraulic presses, die spotting presses, hot oil and water temperature control units, melting furnaces, heat treating furnaces, various shot blasting machines, gravity casting machines, shell core machines and much more.

We offer a wide line of furnaces and we can work with you to customize them to your specific requirements. Our furnaces offer a new standard of design and control and are reasonably priced and delivered on time. We give you much more furnace for your money. Our furnaces have more standard features than any other furnaces on the market.


We are dedicated to offering our customers superior service and value added products that exceed their expectations. Our products are adapted to geographic locations with the correct voltage, standards and locally sourced components. We have a dedicated network of sales associates who sell and service our products worldwide. Customer oriented service, a full stock of replacement parts, flexibility and short delivery times make us your ideal business partner.

Our Facilities

We are equipped with our own Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and R&D facilities which are situated in various locations around the world. Leveraging our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are able to design and manufacture our complete range of products in a very effective and highly competitive manner. We have installed the most advanced and sophisticated machinery and equipment at our manufacturing facilities, which help us conduct the manufacturing process easily and quickly. Much of how we do things is proprietary and has been devised and refined over many years of experience. Using such techniques we offer tremendous value for your money. As such, our production facilities are not open to the public.


Our international staff is a well oiled machine with a wealth of experience. We speak English, Spanish, Polish, Hindi, Italian, and other languages. From the office staff to the production floor personal, our team is service oriented and highly motivated to make our products the best they can be. We have an excellent mix of professionals from various backgrounds. With attention to detail and internal quality control, our team is proud of the products we offer.

How We Do Business

Our Standards

All our products in each division go through stringent quality control. We check and then we double check. Our standardized quality control system means your products will be made right the first time.

Our Principles

We say what we mean, and mean what we say. The well being and success of our clients is paramount. If you are happy, then we are happy. If something is not right, we will fix it. To us it is not all about one machine. We want you back again and again. And we will do what it takes to have a long term, mutually successful business relationship.

We Love Feedback

We listen to what you say. There is always a better way to do something. If we can improve in any way please feel free to contact us with your suggestions and ideas.

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