Proportionator/Zero Governor

Brand: Dungs
Model No: 226460
For Product: For Furnace.

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Ratio Regulator Zero Governor -226460 NPT 1″ FRG/6 Series

The FRG ratio regulator/zero governor has an adjustable setpoint spring and nonadjustable counterspring.
– Optional Low fire bypass for ½ in. NPT to 2 in. NPT models. Ideal for low flow or for high turndown applications.
– Steady, precise and instantaneous regulation of the outlet pressure.
– Connection for air impulse line.
– Inlet and outlet ¼ in. NPT test ports on each side.
– Factory installed vent limiter. Review applicable codes for vent line requirements.

  • Max. operating pressure: 7 PSI (500 mbar) Factory Rating; 5 PSI (350mbar) CSA Certified
  • Max. body pressure: 15 PSI (1000 mbar)

Optimal inlet pressure range

  • Ratio regulator = 3 to 82 in.W.C. (7 to 200 mbar)
  • Zero Governor = 3 to 20 in.W.C. (7 to 50 mbar) with 10:1 turndown
  • Zero Governor = 3 to 82 in.W.C. (7 to 200 mbar) with 3:1 turndown

Output pressure range

  • Ratio regulator output = 0 to 60 in.W.C. (0 mbar to 150 mbar)
  • Zero Governor output= -2 to 2 in.W.C. (-5 mbar to 5 mbar)

Materials in contact with gas

  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Seals and diaphragms: NRB

Ambient temperature +5°F to +160 °F for up to 7 PSI for regulating behavior (+/- 10% of setpoint).
-40 °F to +160 °F: Diaphragms are suitable for the low temperature, but there may be out of range regulating behavior.
CSA Certified for -40 °F to +160 °F for up to 5 PSI.

  • Installation position Regulator dome vertically upright or horizontally.
  • Test ports / Pilot gas connections ¼ in. NPT on both sides of the inlet section and ¼ in. NPT on both sides of the outlet section.Taps/connections only on one side when low fire bypass is used.
  • Low fire Bypass (Optional) Field mountable low fire bypass: ½ in. NPT to 2 in. NPT on either side of

Vent line connection / air impulse line connection / vent limiter

  • The vent line connection/air impulse line connection is G ¼“ for FRG‘s up
    to 1“ NPT, and it is G ½“ for FRG‘s 1 ¼ to 3“ NPT. A G thread to NPT thread
    field mountable adapter is available.
  • For gas/air ratio applications at pressure ratio of approximately 1:1, use the
    existing connection as pressure connection for air impulse line / blower
    pressure, and at low fire, the air impulse line pressure shall be between 0.2
    to 1.0 in WC.
  • The FRG/6 also has a factory installed vent limiting device, which limits the
    escape of gas to less than 0.5 CFH @ 5 PSI in case atmospheric diaphragm
    ruptures. Venting required unless otherwise accepted by the authority having

Hysterisis +/- 10%