Here is a quick and “no hassle” way to look for a new melting, holding or heat treating furnace. 

We offer various types and sizes of gas and electric melting and holding furnaces  to meet virtually any requirement. 

Hi, I’m Ron Bordier

Meet Ron Bordier who will be your “Personal Dynamo Furnace Consultant”:We understand each inquiry has specific needs and requirements which can be technically complex.

Ron will answer any questions you may have and guide you in selecting the right furnace for your needs and to meet your budget requirements.

From beginning to end, Ron will be there through every step of the way right down to delivery, installation and long tern supply of consumable items. 

How it Works

We are all about listening to you and about what you need. 

We are a solutions company. Your Personal Dynamo Furnace Consultant will first want to know what you are looking for and if we can help you in any way.  If we can, he will present you an offer and confer with you to make sure all is clear, and that the offer is satisfactory.  He will then listen to any feedback you may have and then, if needed, he will revise the offer to better suit your needs and budget.  We offer much more than just a sales process.  We offer experience and knowledge that will help you to resolve your production problems and issues. 

Understand Your Needs

Each client is unique and has his specific requirements.  We take time to understand your needs before we recommend any solution.

Send Your Our Offer

Based on your requirements, your Personal Dynamo Furnace Consultant will send you a detailed technical offer and will discuss it with you. 

Listen To Your Feedback

We will listen to any feedback you may have about our offer and we will promptly make any changes or amendments needed. 

Let’s get started !

Tell us what you are looking for, and Ron Bordier, who will be your Personal Furnace Consultant, will get back to you within a few hours.

What We Can Offer You

Our furnaces are sturdy and robust while at the same time they are very reasonably priced when compared of other brands. We can build a furnace for you exactly the way you needed it. All our design and engineering is done in-house with a quick turnaround. Sooner or later all furnaces require maintenance and repairs. If you ever need us, we are there with a strong team of technicians who can get you up and running in the shortest time possible. Our furnaces are safe, reliable, durable and have been serving the industry many years.

“My design team and I will be working closely with Ron Bordier to provide you technical information and design options. ”

Jack IwanskiSenior Designer

Valve for Your Money

Our company is geared towards offering our clients the best possible value for their money and to be there when they need us.

More Standard Features

Our furnaces have more standard features than any other furnaces on the market. We can adapt, configure and build what you need without a hassle. 


Our furnaces offer a new standard of design and control and are reasonably priced. All our design and engineering is done in-house with a quick turnaround.

Advance Furnace Control System

Our Standard Control is a PLC with a Color HMI

  • Our control systems are highly advanced, yet simple to operate and maintain.
  • We only use high quality, brand name components in our furnaces which makes them reliable for many years to come.

High Efficiency Gas Burner System

Optimized to the Max 

We optimize our burners and valve trains to get the most amount of energy for the lowest consumption currently possible. 



You are fully protected by our 100% Service-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you have any issues, just get in touch with your Personal Dynamo Furnace Consultant  and he will connect you with our friendly support team.  They’ll help you out until you get the results you need.  We are always there to help you. 


Here are some common questions about Dynamo

Does Dynamo design its own furnaces

We design our furnaces using sophisticated 3D designing software.

What type of furnaces does Dynamo offer?

We have melting furnaces, holding furnaces, gas and electric furnaces, aluminum, zinc and brass furnaces, heat treating furnaces and transfer ladles. 

What about consumable parts?

We offer a full range of consumable items in an online store.

What kind of warrant does Dynamo offer?

Dynamo offers a 1 year warranty on all its products.

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