CO2 is becoming a very big problem globally. Electric furnaces give you a simple way to go CO2 neutral and actually give you a much better melt due to less turbulence. Plus, Electric Furnaces offer excellent efficiency and uniform melting and holding capabilities and generally create less porosity in the alloy being melted than gas furnaces. We offer a wide variety of Electric Melting and Holding Furnaces from small electric crucible furnaces to large tilting furnaces.

Aluminum Electric

Melting Furnaces

We offer round crucible, square crucible and tilting aluminum electric melting furnaces in various sizes and melting rates.

Aluminum Electric Melting Round Crucible Furnaces
Aluminum Electric Holding Furnaces

Aluminum Electric

Holding Furnace

Our electric holding furnaces are available various sizes and can be adapted to your needs.

Electric Heat

Treating Furnace

Our electric heat-treating furnace is available in different sizes to accommodate most projects.

Electric Heat Treating Furnaces