Copper, Brass, Bronze - Gas Crucible Melting Furnace

GM-A-BRS Series

Our GM-A-BRS Series gas round crucible melting furnace can be used for melting higher heat non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, and others. This series offers excellent efficiency and uniform melting and holding and is designed used for dipping out or to have the crucible removed for pouring. The lining in this series is heavier to accommodate the higher heat and yet to keep the shell at a low temperature. Like all our Dynamo furnaces, the GM-J Series is controlled by a PLC and a color HMI touch screen which optimizes performance, operation, and efficiency.

Item US Standard (Cu) Metric Standard (Cu)
Model Holding Melting/h Holding Melting/h
GM-A-BRS-660 660 lb 440 lb 300 kg 200 kg
GM-A-BRS-880 880 lb 585 lb 400 kg 265 kg
GM-A-BRS-1100 1100 lb 735 lb 500 kg 330 kg
GM-A-BRS-1300 1300 lb 880 lb 600 kg 400 kg
GM-A-BRS-1760 1760 lb 1175 lb 800 kg 530 kg
GM-A-BRS-2200 2200 lb 1465 lb 1000 kg 665 kg
Copper Gas Melting Round Crucible Furnaces

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