Aluminum Gas Round Crucible Melting Furnaces

GM-A Series

Our versatile GM-A Series is a traditional stationary round crucible furnace and is suitable for a wide variety of casting and melting applications. A unique feature is the heat recycler that is used during startup to increase efficiency. Economically priced, this furnace is easy to install and simple to run. Like all our furnaces, the GM-A Series is controlled by a PLC and a color HMI touch screen.

Item US Standard (Al) Metric Standard (Al) Link
Model Holding Melting/h Holding Melting/h More Info
GM-A-220 220 lb 77 lb 100 kg 35 kg
GM-A-330 330 lb 110 lb 150 kg 50 kg
GM-A-550 550 lb 187 lb 250 kg 85 kg
GM-A-660 660 lb 220 lb 300 kg 100 kg
GM-A-770 770 lb 265 lb 350 kg 120 kg
GM-A-880 880 lb 300 lb 400 kg 140 kg
GM-A-1100 1100 lb 397 lb 500 kg 180 kg
GM-A-1300 1300 lb 440 lb 600 kg 200 kg View
GM-A-1750 1750 lb 550 lb 800 kg 250 kg
GM-A-2200 2200 lb 770 lb 1000 kg 350 kg
Aluminum Gas Round Crucible Melting Furnaces

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