Aluminum Gas - Holding Furnace

GH-A Series

GH-A Series are suitable for metal casters around the world including sand casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure, permanent mold, gravity, investment casting and lost foam foundries.

Item US Standard (Al) Metric Standard (Al)
Model Hold Hold
GH-A-660 660 lb 300 kg
GH-A-1100 1100 lb 500 kg
GH-A-1300 1300 lb 600 kg
GH-A-1750 1750 lb 800 kg
GH-A-2200 2200 lb 1000 kg
GH-A-2600 2600 lb 1200 kg
GH-A-3300 3300 lb 1500 kg
GH-A-4400 4400 lb 2000 kg
GH-A-5500 5500 lb 2500 kg
GH-A-6600 6600 lb 3000 kg
Aluminum Gas Holding Furnace

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