Aluminum Electric - Round Crucible Melting Furnaces

EM-A Series

Our versatile EM-A Series aluminum electric melting furnace is a traditional round crucible furnace that is suitable for a wide variety of casting and melting applications. Economically priced, this furnace is easy to install and simple to run. The standard control panel is simple and easy to use and can be upgraded to a PLC controlled system with a color HMI touch screen.

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The Furnace of The Future is Here Now.

Carbon is becoming a very big issue globally. Our EM-A Series electric resistance furnaces give you a simple way to go CO2 neutral and actually give you a much better melt due to less turbulence. Plus, this series offers excellent efficiency and uniform melting and holding capabilities, and generally creates less porosity in the alloy being melted than gas furnaces.



We Give You More Furnace For Your Money.

To be competitive today’s economy requires that manufactures run their operations more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. We offer the highest ROI (return on investment) in the industry. Dynamo gives you high-quality products for a reasonable investment and with more features than any other company. Simply put, we give you the most bang for your buck!

High Thermal Efficiency


We Add Multiple Layers of Insulation.

The result is excellent efficiency which means a furnace which not only burns less gas, but is actually not dangerous to touch.



We Add Way More Insulation to Our Furnaces Than Most Manufacturers.

The result is even greater efficiency and a solid, sturdy construction which is hard to beat.

Nine Standard


Flexible Range of Applications.

Available from a small 110 lbs melting capacity all the way to 660 lbs, the EM-A Series electric resistance dip out melting furnaces allow for a wide range of applications.

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Item US Standard (Al) Metric Standard (Al)
Model Holding Melting/h Holding Melting/h
EM-A-330 330 lb 110 lb 150 kg 50 kg
EM-A-550 550 lb 175 lb 250 kg 80 kg
EM-A-660 660 lb 220 lb 300 kg 100 kg
EM-A-770 770 lb 240 lb 350 kg 110 kg
EM-A-880 880 lb 275 lb 400 kg 125 kg
EM-A-1100 1100 lb 330 lb 500 kg 150 kg
EM-A-1300 1300 lb 350 lb 600 kg 160 kg
EM-A-1750 1750 lb 440 lb 800 kg 200 kg
EM-A-2200 2200 lb 660 lb 1000 kg 300 kg

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