Aluminum Electric Melting Furnaces

Our electric furnaces are available in 3 different versions – the economical round crucible version, the efficient square crucible version and the time and labor-saving tilting version.

Aluminum Electric Melting Furnaces

Due to their design, electric melting furnaces offer excellent efficiency and uniform melting and holding.  They also feature virtually no metal gassing and very little metal loss. Our electric furnaces are easy to install and simple to run.  The lining in our furnaces is made of lightweight refractory bricks with a secondary layer of refractory fiber.  We offer both stationary and power operated tilting versions. All models feature built-in leak detection with an audible alarm.  Most models feature a cover to increase efficiency and conserve energy. Our versatile electric melting furnaces are suitable for metal casters, high pressure die casting, gravity, low pressure die casting, permanent mold, sand casting, investment casting and lost foam foundries

Aluminum Electric Melting
Round Crucible Furnaces


Our EM-A Series is suitable for various applications and industries and is economically priced.

Aluminum Electric Melting Round Crucible Furnaces
Electric Squre Crucible melting furnaces

Aluminum Electric Melting
Square Crucible Furnaces


Our EM-B Series is slightly more energy efficient then our EM-A Series is also suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Aluminum Electric Melting
Tilting Crucible Furnaces


The EM-C Series adds the flexibility of a hydraulic tilting system and replaces manual dipping.

Aluminum Electric Melting Tilting Crucible Furnaces

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