Aluminum Electric - Holding Furnace

EH-A Series

The EH-A Series electric holding furnace features a pneumatic cover for easy maintenance access. The lining is cast out of premium quality, high heat durable refractory with a secondary layer of refractory fiberboard. Like all our Dynamo furnaces, the EM-C Series is controlled by a PLC and a color HMI touch screen which optimizes performance and efficiency.

Item US Standard (Al) Metric Standard (Al)
Model Hold Hold
EH-A-660 660 lb 300 kg
EH-A-1100 1100 lb 500 kg
EH-A-1300 1300 lb 600 kg
EH-A-1750 1750 lb 800 kg
EH-A-2200 2200 lb 1000 kg
EH-A-2600 2600 lb 1200 kg
EH-A-3300 3300 lb 1500 kg
EH-A-4400 4400 lb 2000 kg
EH-A-6600 6600 lb 3000 kg
Aluminum Electric Holding Furnace

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